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JBS followed a strategy seen in its operations in North and South America when it established its own Australian transport division, JBS Carriers, in 2009. The company saw an opportunity to enter the trucking business in Australia to bring about greater efficiencies within its business, through optimising fleet utilisation. The fleet grew to its current size over a two year period since its establishment in late 2009.

JBS Australia’s sheer size and vertical integration into lot-feeding, with feeding capacity well above 100,000 head, always presented opportunities for the company in the transport sector, with the attraction of consistent, regular livestock freight run schedules.

JBS Carriers adopts methods aimed at guaranteeing the safety and preservation of cattle quality during transport and preserving the characteristics of end products at the moment of distribution, transporting each of the products of our mix in modern vehicles that provide adequate temperature conditions. JBS Carriers also develops cost control and economy-of-scale mechanisms to optimize operational efficiencies. JBS Carriers regularly reviews its operations to assess the mix and potential for more opportunities.